Shark hunting spree.

Towards the end of this summer in Whitsunday, Australia two women were bitten by a shark within a 24 hour period. People overreacted and sent fishermen to try and catch the shark. Instead of trying to find out which shark was the culprit, they decided to kill six sharks including a 12 foot tiger shark. Click here for the article.

It is awful to hear this news. Accidents happen. If someone was to be killed and the police couldn’t find the murderer they wouldn’t just arrest random people and hopefully catch the murderer. They would investigate. Accidents like this happen. We humans, most of the time, look like seals to sharks. Other times people swim in shark infested waters and are invading their natural habitat.

As you can see, the two women where injured but weren’t killed, why? Because sharks find humans nasty-tasting. Sometimes we mistake a stranger for our friend because we can’t see their face, so sharks mistake us for seals.  Then when they realise that we are not their meal they let us go. I am not saying that it is “right” for them to bite us. I am just saying that these are accidents that can happen and we shouldn’t go killing multiple sharks just because we are scared of them. Ignorance feeds fear.

Also, if you know that where you are swimming are shark infested waters, then it’s your risk to take. You can’t blame the sharks because you are invading their territory.

Written by: Sarah Geron

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