Background to the project

Hiya, this is Sarah. I thought you might like to know how this project got started.

A few weeks ago, John Gardener showed me an  an article in the Guardian newspaper about the serious decline of shortfin mako sharks in the Atlantic. Click here for a link to the article (click here for more information). He told me that when visiting a supermarket in Italy, Vicenza, he was shocked to see a mako shark being sold at the fish counter. The article mentioned Italy specifically and then we realised that in fact it was true. I had seen other species of sharks being sold in Padua before. I have always been proud to say that I was half Italian, but now I felt ashamed. How could we be so ignorant? I immediately wanted to do something about it. So I contacted a few friends from Save Our Seas and we decided that the best way was to start our own blog and website called Save Our Sharks. We then got on it straight away, and we are hoping that our visitors will spread the word and positive awareness about sharks.

Written by: Sarah Geron

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