The first doctor from the sea

In late 2015 a man was discovered to have cancer from a shark, but how?

While Eugene Finney was on a holiday with his family in California he decided to go for a swim in the ocean. While he was swimming he felt something hit his back.

“It hit harder than I’ve ever been hit in my life” said Eugene. He then, with agony and pain, headed towards the showers and realised that blood was dripping from his back.

Meanwhile his girlfriend, Emeline McKeown, noticed that lifeguards were calling the people to come out of the sea due to shark infested waters.

Mr. Finney, when back home, was filled with scars, bruises and aches so he went to the hospital.

When we has being treated by the doctors, they realised that he was on his early stages of cancer. If it wasn’t for that shark cutting his back open, the doctor would have never realised that he had cancer. Even if they would have eventually, it’d have been too late.

They were able to remove the growth because of that cut. Mr. Finney didn’t even have to go through chemotherapy.

“That’s pretty fascinating when you think about it.” he said.

Now we don’t know if that shark intentionally hit him because he had cancer or if it was just an accident, but what matters is that the creature saved a man’s life.

Written by Sarah Geron and Ljubomir Pešić 

(All information provided for this article was provided by INDEPENDENT. Click here for a link to the article)

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