Deep Blue

It has been the headline for days: ‘The largest shark in the world has had a close encounter with a diver”.

Deep Blue is the largest great white ever to have been seen. She is a 20ft female of more than 50 years of age. She is also now pregnant. She was found near the waters of Guadalupe Island, off the west coast of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula.

The diver and photographer Kimberly Jefferies was hoping to take a few shots of the majestic tiger sharks found in those waters, who had come to feed on the carcass of a dead whale. But to her surprise, she found the largest great white shark ever to have been seen.

“We noticed tiger sharks coming up to the back of the engines. It was perfect because it was ultimately what we came out to see.”

“Maybe 30 seconds later we see this massive shark, just kind of gracefully and slowly rising out of the depth. And she comes up to feed on the carcass. I thought my heart was going to explode.”

Jefferies stated that she never felt any sense of threat from the massive shark. In fact the shark was gentle and calm towards the people around her.

This beauty of the sea was found earlier that week in the waters of Hawaii.

The shark now even has even its own twitter account.

We hope to hear more about this majestic creature of the sea and hopefully one day actually have an encounter with it.

(Click here for a link to the article. Photo below from the article)

A shark said to be 'Deep Blue', one of the largest recorded individuals, swims offshore Hawaii, U.S., January 15, 2019 in this picture obtained from social media on January 17, 2019. (Credit: Reuters)

Post written by: Sarah Geron

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