The real monsters

While I was surfing on YouTube I found this interesting looking video named: ‘Mysterious Artic Shark’ by a user called ‘River Monsters’. Click here for a link to the video.

To my surprise, I saw two men catch this extremely rare shark, also known as the Giant Greenland Shark, to then cut it open and feed it to a pack of dogs.

Dogs have their own food. They do not need to eat a rare shark to survive.

That poor creature was ripped into pieces just to then be eaten by a pack of dogs. He wasn’t even threatening the two men.

That shark was not a river monster, those two men were the real monsters.

Although this is a tradition up in the north, to feed sharks to animals is still awfully wrong because of the threats sharks face worldwide.

I was happy to see though that the people commenting noticed this atrociousness too.

Please spread awareness because if we continue doing this, no shark will be left in the ocean.

Written by: Sarah Geron

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